5 travel tips to Marrakech, Morocco
When to go to Marrakech - Marrakech is a place you cannot afford to miss because of it a place you will wish to visit throughout the year. This place has lots of beautiful sunshine and warm temperature which makes days to be warned while the night is not that too cold. When it time for summer, daylight temperature can rise to 43C, and shops and restaurants often close when it Ramadan period in August. Winter often time is warm and blissful free of crowd.

Place to visit - Marrakech itself is a great city of fun: purchasing real fragrant mint and dunking under dripping yarn drying to a tint of hegemonic purple in the dyer's souk. The main point the city's rambling morphology is the Djemaa el-Fan, the beauty sighted the sculpted Bahia Palace, the Medusa Ali Ben Youssef and the green cacti garden at the Jardine Majorelle.

Transportation cost - One of the bad experience about transportation is that you have to agree with the driver about the amount and also make payment before the Morocco journey begins. If you lodge in a hotel make sure to make inquiry about the amount of a cab and relate it with the cab driver, usually they are agreed on the said amount after few minutes of bidding, avoid taxis that are not going to the tourist sites such as Majorelle Garden

Money - It is a nice idea to change your money at the airport and also come along with extra cash of your currency to change at the bureaus in the center town. The reason behind this is because you may find it challenging to find money without walking in the complete opposite direction. There are lots of exchange Bureaus when you get to Marrakech Menara airport, or you can convert some money before you head to the airport. Due to safety reasons it advisable not to carry all your money around, but you have a lot your money with the Moroccan Dirhams, one good thing about the city Is that food is comparatively inexpensive, so don’t carry around more than you need.

Food and Water - The best water to drink over there is bottled water to avoid unwanted disease. Always make sure that your food is hot or freshly cooked before eating. Eat local cuisine as long as it warm and it the freshest item on the menu. Buy food at the night market and also at the cafes, the have nice food and much cheaper than eating at large restaurants that are usually located in the new city or at the luxury hotels. You can also try night tea; it is refreshing and delicious.

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